On September 9, 2013 the Board of Directors adopted regulations governing the operations of the Board of Directors and its Committees.

The regulations contain provisions concerning the manner in which meetings of the Board of Directors are called and held, including the decision-making process. The regulations provide that meetings may be held by telephone conference or video-conference, provided that all participating Directors can follow the proceedings and participate in real-time discussion of the items on the agenda.

The Board of Directors can only adopt valid resolutions when a majority of the Directors in office shall be present at the Board meeting or be represented at such meeting.

A member of the Board of Directors may only be represented by a co-member of the Board of Directors authorized in writing.

The expression in writing shall include any message transmitted by current means of communication.

A member of the Board of Directors may not act as proxy for more than one co-member.

All resolutions shall be adopted by the favorable vote of the majority of the Directors present or represented at the meeting, provided that the regulations may contain specific provisions in this respect. Each Director shall have one vote.

The Board of Directors shall be authorized to adopt resolutions without convening a meeting if all Directors shall have expressed their opinions in writing, unless one or more Directors shall object to a resolution being adopted in this way.

The regulations are available on the Group’s website,